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By all accounts a comfortable place for a brew, meal, or even a sleepover. Tucked up in scenic Squamish area.

Father John's Winter Ale (Seasonal, 7%)

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average

4 stars - above average 29/06/2014

I tried a Howe sound Lager this spring and was very impressed. Since then I have bought about 8 six packs of it. This is quite impressive in that 2 of those six packs have been absolute shite!! I expect it is not a fault of the brewery but more likely of the distributor or retailer. I contacted them(through their website) warning of some bad product out there but received no response. I have not had any problems with the last 2 six packs but the next one will be the last. Again this is a testament to the beer itself as I wouldn't usually rebuy a product which I thought had been of such poor quality. A good beer but don't be surprised if you get a bad one.
 - Lyle Harrison  Alberta


I love the 1L bottles! I call them "Theatre Bombs", the best thing to bring with you to the movies. I've had the Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale and found it to be a nice brew. For me, it's an O.K. beer, in a great bottle. 3/5-good
 - Adam  Vancouver


Extremely palatable IPA. Big hop finish. The best bitter needs more hops but hey thats a best bitter. The Rail Ale is a very safe, creamy, nut- brown style that goes down easy. Great food too!!! Keep up the good work Dave.
 - Dave Harrop  Vancouver

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