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Now Kamloops Brewery Ltd. Started in 1995 by Dave Beardsell, a former brewer at Okanagan Spring Brewery. In 2001, Bear took over the brewing of Whistler and Bowen Island brands. Products such as "Rhino Albino" and "Winter Pudding" are brewed for Earls and Joey Tomato's restaurant chains. In 2002, the brewery was purchased by Big Rock of Calgary.

In late 2005, the brewery was purchased from Big Rock by Bruce Dean and partners and became "Kamloops Brewery Ltd". Bear brands were then phased out, although the Black Bear remained as part of the new KB line-up. Head brewer is German-trained Jody Hammell.

Polar Bear Lager (Lager, 5%) Albino Rhino (Pale Ale, 4.5%) Brown Bear Ale (Brown Ale, 5.5%) Black Bear Ale (Porter, 5%) Umpire London Style Porter (Porter, 7%) Golden Bear Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 4.5%) 21st Century Champagne Ale (Amber Ale, 12%) Rethink Beer (Lager, 4.5%)

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average

4 stars - above average 30/09/2009

Ha! Well said, James. Can't argue with local perspective.
 - JY  Kelowna


Bear was the best, big rock was ok, KB...not so much
 - james  kamloops


Black Bear Ale. Yummy. a wonderful discovery as I drove through BC. not carried in every liquor store though....pity.
 - Darryl M.  Calgary AB


Blackbear will be unchanged and every bit as good as before,if not better
 - J.H 


I heard Bear Brewing was bought from Big Rock by a private owner from Australia, who is planning on expansion. If there is any veracity in this, it would be a major shot to beer globalisation, and a wonderful victory for the little guy taking something back from the giant Big Rock. Check here:
 - Josh  Airdrie


big beer company sell-outs
 - Name withheld  kmlps


Black Bear was one of the best of B.C's micro's ......too bad the Evil Empire of Big Rock threw too much moolah your way . Won't but it now , or drink it for that matter . Just wait until they "re-org" you ,they'll probably brew it in China
 - bd  g.v.r.d.

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