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A very small brewery in Vancouver, cobbled together in 1995 by James Walton, who has stuck to his original brewing ethic all these years. Known for some off-kilter offerings brewed with care and imagination, going back to the days when it was brewing Espresso Stout with real coffee beans, long before it was hip to do so. Available on tap at finer establishments around the Lower Mainland and they also have party kegs for your enjoyment.

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!

5 stars - superb! 07/02/2008

I had two pints of the dark at VIJ's, and was blown away. I am not an expert, but this had to be one of the top three beers I have ever had!
 - phm  victoria


This is a micro-brewery only in square footage . The Black Plague is a giant beer , easily the same as the Guiness-on-tap as we get here . It's a "must try" in Vancouver .
 - bd  g.v.r.d.


Perhaps most known in Vancouver for his Black Plague Stout and his severely hoppy IPA. James brews outside the box and expresses his craft brewing artistry with concoctions like Echinacea Stout and Basil IPA. His favorite specialty is fine fruit lambics, age with care in oak casks. If you're in Vancouver, find his beer on tap or come visit the brewery. Cheers
 - Daniel  Vancouver

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