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Founded in 1995, with a single goal in mind: to brew the best beer.  Now a publicly traded company (TSX.V:RB), the brewery has grown in popularity over the years, and is the "Official Beer of the BC Lions and BC Place."

The products are currently (as of May/07) available as draft only, primarily in the Lower Mainland.  Plans are to start bottling/canning in the near future.

Honey Ale (Pale Ale, % unknown) Pale Ale (Pale Ale, % unknown) Cream Ale (Brown Ale, 5%) Amber Ale (Pale Ale, 5.5%) Extra Special Lager (Lager, % unknown) Marzen (Dark Lager, 5.5%)

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average

5 stars - superb! 23/05/2014

Just got their Eastern promises a week ago. Awesome beer! They are sold in many BC liquor stores in bottle and can now.
 - George 

5 stars - superb! 30/05/2010

I got two kegs of their cream ale a couple of years ago and everyone at the party loved it.
 - Geoffrey   East Richmond

4 stars - above average 26/08/2008

Had a russell at BC Place at last Lions game...for stadium beer, it was really good. glad to support a BC brewery instead of drinking one of those big brands. even better that the beer tastes good.
 - Peter 

5 stars - superb! 13/05/2008

Tried the Lemon Ale this past weekend and absolutely loved it. Here's hoping Russell can add to its line-up at BC Place this season! I'm also excited to see this Company's product out at retail now... just in time for summer.
 - Name withheld  Vancouver

4 stars - above average 12/04/2008

 - Name withheld 

5 stars - superb! 19/12/2007

Cream Ale by far the best beer in Vancouver... Also tried their Winter Porter for the first time the other night at Las Margaritas and was quite impressed.
 - Tom  North Vancouver

1 star - poor 29/11/2007

I am not sure which Russel beer you guys were drinking but the pale and lager are both terriable beers,i had one at a Bc lions game and had to throw half of it away, I couldn't drink it.Just bad beer It tasts like they fiter it through a old sox
 - Sean 

5 stars - superb! 23/11/2007

Russell Cream Ale wins SILVER medal at 2007 Canadian Brewing Awards! Congrats!
 - Peter  Vancouver


The Russell Pale Ale on tap at Black's Pub at the base of Whistler was the best beer I had that week by far. Excellent diacetyl-y English pale ale flavor, right up there with the best pale ales I've ever had. This was a relief, as I was getting tired of bottles of Granville Pale Ale, the best thing at many bars. I went to Steamworks, Howe Sound, and the High Mountain Brewhouse that week, and the Russell tap was my favorite.
 - Board Brah  back East


Buzz Rozwell, Vancouver (rozwell@upstairsrecording) 27/12/2005 Russell has grown A LOT since the initial review of this brand. Whatever was said there is not indicative of the present beers being brewed at Russell. This is a high quality brewery brewing 5 or 6 fantastic beers. Look out for them - they're not going to be a tiny micro brewery for long. Recently voted runner up to Okanagan Springs in the Georgia Straight Readers Choice awards for Best Local Brewery. Good Stuff check it out - in lots of bars and fine restaurants around the city. Rumours are there's a bottled product coming.
 - Buzz Rozwell  Vancouver

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