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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!


Closed October 2008.
 - Rick Green  Vancouver

5 stars - superb! 28/03/2012

I think, I saw the beermats of the brewery on the site
 - Samuel 


closed down. its a shame. their mandarin hefe was really good.
 - EskimoDave 

5 stars - superb! 31/01/2009

Our 3 Rotary Clubs here in Langley put on a Beer / Cooler Sampling Event June 13 Sat 2009 at the Coast Hotel where the Casino is here in Langley BC. We are wondering if you have Beer / Cooler product you would like to feature at our event.What are the names of the products. Last years Website was Looking forward to hearing from you John Dance President of Rotary Sunrise Club Chair of Beverage Committee 604-534-0236
 - john dance  Lamngley BC

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