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Paul Hoyne started Lighthouse Brewing in 1998, delivering a single product in kegs around Victoria.  Now Lighthouse has 4 beers, all available in cans, distributed around BC.

Race Rocks Ale (Pale Ale, % unknown) Beacon IPA (India Pale Ale, % unknown) Keepers Stout (Stout, % unknown) Switchback IPA (India Pale Ale, 6.5%)

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3 stars - average 28/08/2010

Lighthouse IPA is very good.The rest are ok
 - Dillon Carfoot  Victoria, BC


Victoria has become a town that brews good beers. Spinnakers Brew Pub probably started the microbrewery revolution on the south Island. Vancouver Island Brewery, Phillips, and Lighthouse - all make excellent products that are as good as you will find anywhere in the World, including Australia and New Zealand. We feel good that they are here.
 - Graham B  Southern Vancouver Island


The Race Rocks Amber Ale is the best amber i've come accross to date... Smooth and rich, my friends and i call it "The brown sugar beer". Great work.
 - Race Rocks Lover 


Ever since my first taste of this beer, it has been my beer of choice. You are doing one heck of a job. The stout is great!
 - Harold Stothart  West Vancouver

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