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North Vancouver

Funky little North Van craft brewery that set up shop in 2005.  Brew both kinds of beer - an ale and a lager - available in kegs only and delivered fresh in and around Vancouver in a classic red 1946 Dodge Powerwagon truck. Cool.

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5 stars - superb! 17/03/2011

Fantastic brewery. Small but very consistent. The red truck lager is easily the best local lager. It's a very nice almost czech style lager. In PNW; the land where the ale is king, especially ipa's, it's nice to find a brewery that churns out a beautiful lager. Not to say that there ales aren't any good, because they are fantastic. The brewpub had an ipa cask night a couple weeks ago and that was a pitch perfect beer as well. Keep up the great work. Cheers!
 - Johny  Vancouver

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