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Opened in Summer, 1998, producing 4 beers, distributed in draft in Lower Mainland, Whistler and Fraser Valley restaurants and pubs. They used to say, "Drink Better. Drink Backwoods," but the brewery faded away by 2006 and was reincarnated as Dead Frog Brewery.

Stinger Ale (style unknown, 5%) Nut Brown Ale (Brown Ale, % unknown) Timberwolf Pale Ale (Pale Ale, % unknown) Cranberry Ale (Fruit beer, % unknown) Dam Lager (Lager, % unknown)

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Hi there, Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding selling beer in Grocery stores is. I see it as this; They (The Government) are proposing a store inside a store model of liquor store.? Two checkouts is not very convenient. They are also saying that most stores in a store will be approx 500sq ft. Not a lot of room for various product (Liquor stores are from 500sq ft to 8000 sq ft). They will probably then only sell the top sellers of beer. Which unfortunately is not craft beer, it?s Budweiser, Old Milwaukee and the likes. Also, apparently only 20% of all products now sold in LRS stores actually make a profit and cover the costs of operating that store which then allows them to sell craft beer. If Grocery stores sell that 20% of the available products because of space issues and takes those dollars from the LRS stores the LRS?s will be closing rapidly. Where will the craft beers be sold? How do you get them to market if they are not profitable for the grocery chains to carry. I see selling beer and wine in Grocery stores and a huge blow to the B.C. craft beer industry. Just wondering what you think? Norm ? Cheers!
 - Norm Cheers  BC

5 stars - superb! 03/06/2009

I have tried all the Backwoods and now Dead Frog beers. The Nut Brown Ale now sold in BC Liquor stores is a superb, very smooth, tasty ale. I find it very similar to brown ales from the northeast of England. This is currently my favorite bottled beer. The Honey Brown, sold draught in local pubs is also excellent and in my opinion it's only real competition is their Pale Ale.
 - charlie ness  Fraser Valley.


These guys still in business?
 - GG 

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