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Haven't been to this place but it is gaining a reputation as a place of fine beers - with an array of no less than 9 varieties on tap!  Not surprising, as the brewer is Gary Lohin, who made his reputation as a top-notch craftsman at Sailor Hagar's.  Conveniently located across from Surrey Central Skytrain Station, near the end of the Skytrain's run.  Also has a liquor store where you can pick up 2L growlers of Central City beers for home consumption or, as of spring 2007, select brands in 6-pack cans.  Lots of info on the website.

Since 2007, Central City has grown its reputation and expanded distribution.  Various styles are now produced under the 'Red Racer' brand, and are uniformly of high standard.

Red Racer Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Red Racer IPA (India Pale Ale, 5.5%) Premium Lager (Ale, 5%)

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1 star - poor 29/04/2013

This is BIG Place. First impression is of chain restaurant (TGI Fridays). Seems much more food than beer centric. We were there on a Friday night 1900 - and the place was less that half full. We tried the Quinoa salad - which was pretty good. I tried a seasonal Pale Ale - which tasted a bit off, not bad just off. Choose not to stay - disappointing after driving out from the West End.
 - Orlock  on the road

5 stars - superb! 11/08/2010

This is fast becoming my favourite BC microbrewery. Having been impressed by a tin of pale ale, I had been seeking their Red Racer beer out in Okanagan liquor stores when during a trip to Vancouver I decided to make a trip to the brewery. After sampling everything they had on tap - quite a few that aren't available in cans - my friend and I left with two growlers of take out each. My favourites are the IPA, Red Ale (haven't seen this in cans, only on tap at the brewery) and Pale Ale. A trip to the brewery is worth it - you can sample some of the beers you can't find in stores, have a great lunch, and it's right on the Skytrain line so you don't even have to worry about driving.
 - BC Bud  Okanagan

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