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Cannery Brewing Company 3 stars - average - Add Beer Comments

Anarchist Amber Ale (Amber Ale,  5.5%) - According to the bottle: "full bodied hand crafted ale is balanced with a generous combination of carefully roasted malts and three Northwest hop varieties..." Copper colored with slight haze, with decent head retention. Some hops in the aroma and a taste that is full-bodied and malty yet more bitter than expected. Over all a very tasty ale.   3/11/2006

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Average rating: 4.5 stars
5 stars - superb! 15/04/2011
Loved it! One of my favorite beers...had this in Calgary when I was there in 2009...would love for it to be available in Ontario Stores...
 - Rod Overall   Ottawa Canada

4 stars - above average 30/04/2009
Great beer. Lots of character
 - Gord   West Kelowna

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