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Hemp Cream Ale (Pale Ale,  4.5%) - Bowen Island jumps on two bandwagons at once with the combination 'hemp' and 'cream' ale. The result is a light golden beer with slight graininess in the flavour and a clean aftertaste. Not sure what the hemp adds, but its a good enough all-around beer for supporters of the hemp 'movement'. (And who isn't!)  

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Average rating: 3 stars - average
1 star - poor 20/06/2009
Wow!!! full of diacytal, even at the low price,I would never drink this again
 - Joe Blow  

5 stars - superb! 08/06/2009
Your Cream Ale is the best on the market.Nice rich but smooth taste.The price is also a big thumbs up
 - Dan   Aldergrove

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