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Tin Whistle Brewing Co. 3 stars - average - Add Beer Comments

Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale (Brown Ale,  6%) - A friendly, delicious ale, the ingredients of which include 4 specialty honeys and "a hint of spice." Very dark brown , big malty aroma, with inviting hop aroma in the background. Full-flavoured and smooth, with just enough of a hop accent to balance the sweet maltiness.  

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 16/02/2009
I love this beer. I was introduced by a friend. Last year, I went in to my local liquor store in Okotoks and asked them to stock it. They said no. I then offered that if they brought a case in, I would buy half and if they had not sold the other half in two weeks to call me and I would buy the other half. Long story short, they say that it is the best thing they have done. This beer flys off the shelf and I now have a steady supply......
 - Cam Myers   DeWinton, Alberta

5 stars - superb! 02/11/2008
Delicious! What else can I say. Easy drinking, great on a hot day or a fall evening by the fire. Available at BCLB Specialty stores.
 - Richard   Coquitlam

This was a good beer, Very drinkable! I want more! I realy enjoy the dark full flavour and low carbonation. How can I get some of this beer?
 - Allen Fuller  

It is a shame, in my view, that this ale is no longer available. My ancestry is danish. I have tried a lot of different beers from around the world. I could pour this out into a cold stein and nurse it for an hour. The flavour was bursting. I still have all of the empty cases sitting around. This beer went very well with a dark european sandwich. Bring it back.
 - Erik Andersen   Coldstream BC

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