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Amber Ale (Pale Ale,  5.5%) - Light amber that is actually paler than the Cream Ale (tradtionally Cream Ale is a golden colour). A smooth but uneventful beer with low bitterness. [Discontinued]   5/31/2007

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Russell has grown A LOT since the initial review of this brand. Whatever was said there is not indicative of the present beers being brewed at Russell. This is a high quality brewery brewing 5 or 6 fantastic beers. Look out for them - they're not going to be a tiny micro brewery for long. Recently voted runner up to Okanagan Springs in the Georgia Straight Readers Choice awards for Best Local Brewery. Good Stuff check it out - in lots of bars and fine restaurants around the city. Rumours are there's a bottled product coming.
 - Buzz Rozwell   Vancouver

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