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Old English Porter (Porter,  8.5%) - A thick, black beer with complex roasty, nutty, sweet flavour that packs a punch. Unique and richly satisfying, it is surprising, but impressive, that a brewery that has strayed ever closer to the mass market has kept this one on.  

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Average rating: 4.5 stars
5 stars - superb! 25/10/2012
I found it great tasting and long lasting no need to drink two as one will do you.
 - Ron   Langley

5 stars - superb! 01/09/2011
I've never seen it, but if I do I'll be sure to try it based on the other comments - I think it's great when a big brewer can continue to produce some tasty small(er) batch offerings alongside their mainstream beers. It might not rake in profits, but it gives them some cred.
 - Ian   Toronto

5 stars - superb! 26/08/2011
Had this porter at Ainsworth Hot Springs with some fish & chips, what a great combo one of the best porter I ever tasted, real smooth with a hint of sweetness (not much just enough) Wish I could find some in the States.
 - Jerry Jimenez   Bonners Ferry Id.

5 stars - superb! 17/08/2009
 - Name withheld  

5 stars - superb! 08/07/2009
This beer is just amazing.
 - Jesse  

5 stars - superb! 18/06/2009
i enjoy every sip of my nice cool PORTER after work.
 - brian   smithers

3 stars - average 24/05/2009
I love spring beer and especially pale ale/porter but the porter beer at one point had a nice sweet taste but now it seems it has the same taste as the now black beer and not as much thick/heavyness and no punch !
 - david brown   burnaby

5 stars - superb! 06/03/2009
I love ,Old English is my main stay...however I am curoius about the ingredients ...having noticed that the contents are not fully listed...I can appreciate that the sweetness comes from a suger perhapes a there any other type of sweetnes added...appreciate your feedback
 - Yvonne   Mission,b.c.

5 stars - superb! 05/03/2009
Amazingly good beer.
 - Matt   Vancouver

Your description describes it perfectly! I am anxious for Fuller's London Porter to hit the stores again to make a comparison. Fuller's is wonderful but different. It will be interesting to find out in what way. Keep on brewing! This old lady loves it.
 - SHEILA   Port Coquitlam

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