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Extra Special Pale Ale (Pale Ale,  5%) - The flagship brand, ubiquitous in bars and restaurants throughout the province. A decent enough pale ale: bronze-coloured, with a mild malty, slightly fruity aroma. Mouth feel is light, with a dry finish. Poor head retention.  

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Average rating: 3.5 stars
4 stars - above average 20/05/2009
I've been drinking this one for years. I still prefer it on tap, rather than in a bottle. I won't say no if a bottle is offered to me.
 - Name withheld  

3 stars - average 16/09/2008
I've enjoyed this Ale for many years--one of my favorites. I must say that I hate the new label!!! My first impression when I saw it (and first impressions are important, hint,hint) was I thought someone had handed me a generic, no-name brand beer. Yuck. Do you really think beer lovers really care about all that information? If you do, then make the label wrap-around and put it on the back. I give the ale a "4" and the label a "1".
 - Barbara   Kelowna

I really enjoy this Ale. Even though it's part of the little evil empire (Sleeman's) This is a regular go-to, if Lighthouse's Race Rocks isn't available. 3/5-good
 - Adam   Vancouver

Until recently, my standard beer. Why? Comes in a can (essential for many occasions), has lots more taste than the usual Blue, Budweiser, Canadian pap. A nice enough drink, pleasant but nothing to enthuse over. Has a better than average finish.
 - Gary Ansell   Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Simply is the best Pale Ale.Unique nuttiness is what I like about this brew.9 out of 10!
 - Dave   Vancouver

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