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High Country Kolsch (Kolsch,  4.5%) - Bright golden colour, well carbonated. Clean hop aroma reminiscient of good European lagers. Not as thin-tasting as it looks, with some slight sweetness and light hop flavour and bitterness that comes through well. Refreshing alternative to a standard Canadian lager.  

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average
4 stars - above average 29/09/2009
i foound this to be a really refreshing lager style beer, coming from europe i would rate this as one of the best carbonated beers i have had. Very pleasant on a hot day!
 - tim stent   sun peaks

This is truly terrific beer. Very refreshing, easy to drink This is my favourite beer of all time. Stayed in Revelstoke this summer and sat on patios drinking this beer. I brought a case home with me. Just had a glass tonight - nectar!
 - Martin Kennett   Calgary

A great bear not quite reminicant of the olde country, but still very striking to the palate. Very much different to the regular big-brand beer, yet still much different to the typical country-style cider. A very good beer for schmalching with the folks on the summmer patio for luncheon. Definately not a "heavy" drink!.
 - steve   calgary

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