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Beacon IPA (India Pale Ale,  % unknown) - A nicely balanced IPA that holds its own without going over the top with hops.  Very drinkable.   7/10/2007

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average
4 stars - above average 05/12/2009
Really enjoyed it when wife and I were in Victoria a couple of years ago. Never seen it in the UK though. steve
 - steve   North Yorkshire, UK

To Bill Potts from Ontario: It's too bad that you judge so quickly- if you have ever been in the business of selling beer in a retail or Government liquor store you might realize that there could have been many factors at work in your unfortunate case... The beer is not always rotated properly in the stores by the employees, and the can could have been punctured unknowingly upon delivery or transfer.... for a beer tasting group not to take these possibilities into consideration is a terrible way to expand your taste buds... too bad.
 - IPA Defender.  

5.3% alcohol. My favourite beer in a can at present. Beautiful deep gold to amber colour, noticeable but not strong hoppy aroma, head doesn't last long. Moderately hopped, pleasant malty flavour, average body, clean slightly bitter finish. No bad points.
 - Gary Ansell   Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

great brew, , hops are there but not "in your face" and its backed by a perfect balance of malt, easy drinking enough for the rookie and tasty enough for all us beer snobs,
 - chris witoski   niz

Very nice. High hops content but not excessive.
 - Ron Martell   Duncan BC Canada

Lighthouse Brewery's IPA is second in popularity to their Race Rocks amber ale here at Stone Pipe. We sell a lot of draft with IPA & Race Rocks challenge each other for top spot on our list of 5 beers. It is nice & hoppy without being over the top, I call it full flavored!
 - Randy Welters   Sooke, BC

This is my second favourite beer. It's ashame it comes in cans instead of bottles, but the quality of the brew is still very good. It's on tap at Christie's and several other local Victoria pubs (it should be at more). This is a moderately hoppy IPA. For those who like hoppy IPAs, it's good; and if you are not a huge fan of really hoppy IPAs, it's mild enough that you might still like it.
 - Paul Holmes   Victoria, BC

I belong to a pub group that gets together every Thursday evening. When travelling, members always bring local beers back for tasting. I was on Vancouver Island last week and got several B.C. beers to try. My golf bag has never been heavier. The first can of Beacon IPA that was opened was only 3/4 full and smelled disgusting. It was obviously off. Quite frankly it was so bad that we are reluctant to try the others. You must realize that this group appreciates beer but aren't always discriminating. I'm not impressed and neither are the other members. I doubt if we will be buying any more Lighthouse Brewing Company products
 - Bill Potts   Trenton, Ontario

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