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Fat Tug IPA (India Pale Ale,  7%) 5 stars - superb! - Winner of 'Beer of the Year' at 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards, and at 7% alc and 80 IBUs, it is surely a beer to be reckoned with. Nice full, balanced beer, with lots of hops but well-crafted so as to avoid undue harshness. Not as citrusy as many. Widely available on tap in the Vancouver area - and elsewhere in BC, I'm sure, as well as being available in 650 ml bottles.

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 02/12/2011
Excellent beer! As a hop lover, the hoppy sensations keep washing over you like the wake of a tug. Such a great beer, but it lessens my conversation input. I just sit quietly and enjoy.
 - Cody   Nanaimo

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