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Salt Spring Island
Pender Island Porter (Porter,  % unknown) - Very good, although the brewmaster says it came out less robust than intended but it sold, so why fuck with it.   2/6/2002

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average
4 stars - above average 11/12/2010
Very nice. Few well made Porters in B.C. (besides ok springs, which has a strong 'alcohol at the back' taste..
 - Dug   vancouver

pender island porter is "the dope"! wonderful robust flavour without being too heavy. i was at a pub on saltspring awhile back and had a pint with dinner (then another for desert, tho i didn't need it) and i've been trying to find a half-sack(or a pallet) of it ever since. my local liquor store hasn't been able to track it down yet and i'm new with this computer stuff but it looks like i'm getting close! woo-hoo!(homer style)
 - bruce purgavie   texada island

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