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Salmon Arm
Talking Dog Wit (Wheat beer,  5%) - Belgian-style witbier, rare for these parts (think Hoegaarden), incorporating orange rind and coriander in the boil.  12 IBU's.    2/16/2007

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 02/11/2011
Tried Talking Dog Wit at the pub at lunch time this past summer. Loved it so bought a couple of six packs to go. Wish I could find it on Vancouver Island. Crisp, refreshing, can taste the subtle orange and coriander. Boyfriend liked it too, so not just a girly beer. Great paring with Indian food.
 - Corinne   Ucluelet, BC

5 stars - superb! 07/02/2011
Never liked beer till i tried this one!Now i am hooked!YUM
 - Sarah   Talking Dog Wit

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