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Premium Lager (Ale,  5%) 4 stars - above average - Beautifully clean, crisp lager.   7/22/2007

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Average rating: 2.5 stars
4 stars - above average 07/09/2008
Regular beers are Boomers Red Ale, Empire IPA, Iceberg Copper Bock, Raspberry Wheat Ale, Red Racer Pale Ale, Springboard Lager, Steelhead Oatmeal Stout, Wally's Wheat. One or two seasonals are always available. This year, Gary has revived his Thor's Hammer barley wine. CAMRA Vancouver voted his Imperial IPA as the best beer in B.C.
 - Rick Green   Vancouver

1 star - poor 01/08/2007
Central City is brewing goood beer like there IPA. Unfortunately, Premium Lager is close to a glass of kokanne...It is beer to drink after a good hockey game. Good thing that the brewery is not fare from the "Hockey Shop"..
 - jm   Port Coquitlam

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